Photography & Video

  • Commercial Video

    We started offering film & video production in 2007 with the goal of accommodating the growing need for high quality, low cost video content on the internet. With equipment and bandwidth getting cheaper, the new standard for web based advertising has become video, but what continues to set good video apart from great video is still talent and experience. Please take a look at our Film & Video Page to learn more or check out some of our recent work at our Video Journal.

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  • Still Photography

    We started in still photography over fifteen years ago and it is still a huge part of our business today. Our projects range from large commercial photo shoots to single headshots. No project is too small or too big and our experience spans most industries. Rest assured, we have done a photo shoot like the one you need. Please head on over to our Photography Page to learn more or check out some of our recent work in our Photography Journal.

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  • Nonprofit Work

    Just starting in 2015, we have begun to shift part of our work away from the commercial market and onto nonprofit work. We still are passionate about our commercial work. In fact, we use it to largely finance our nonprofit work but we still do partially rely on outside funding.

    One thing that has become apparent in our contact with various nonprofits is the lack of and deep need of awareness. On the for-profit side of the line, we call it marketing.

    We have teamed with Interwoven Ministries to provide video production, still photography, web design & development, and general marketing assistance to nonprofit organizations in need of our services, especially the smaller less equipped ones. Please take a moment and learn a little more about what we are doing.

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What We Say About Ourselves

We provide professional photography and video production for businesses like yours. Our clients are one person owner-operators, fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

We started out in still photography over a decade ago and added video production shortly after. University educated and studio trained, no project is too big or too small. We would be glad to help you with your one person, hour long shoot, or your multi-day production with a full crew.

We really love what we do and we are pretty sure that you will too. Head over to our contact page and get in touch with us or feel free to have a look at our journal to see some of our work or just to see what’s been going on.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks for bringing me to tears with the video! It was beautiful. Thank you so much. You did an awesome job

-Aretha Kidz Ink

Joe and I are both very happy with the final product and our experience working with you. We are getting a lot of new leads, everyone loves the videos!

-Michael Open Sky Energy

Thanks so much! It was a pleasure working with you! I really like the shots.

-Laura Sullivan, Cotter & Assoc.

The photos are wonderful. You captured so many great shots which will be great for marketing things this year. We are so thankful for you!

-Jan Compassion Corps


Judah Quy: A Mountain of Footage

Photo grab from a video clip shot at a children's home in Bolivia
Working through all of the footage from Bolivia has been encouraging. It has been a reminder of the need that exists there and the motivation behind this project: to create awareness for Judah Quy. Watching children in all their innocence becoming happy and healthy lifts your spirits and reminds us of the reason behind the […]

Crowdfunding Video Success: CAMS Photo

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.48.43 PM
The Kickstarter Video I’ve been talking with the guys at CAMS Photo about doing an updated set of videos for their website and it reminded me of this video that we shot last year for their crowdfunding campaign. I never got a chance to post it so I decided to do it now. Joe and […]

Judah Quy: An Update

We had an encouraging weekend with some donations coming in.

Judah Quy #1

Judah Quy: Home for Precious Little Ones Donate Most of you who are reading this know about my recent excursion to Bolivia. Taylor and I flew down in December to visit Judah Quy: Home for Precious Little Ones. The home was started four years ago by Paul and Kristen Hoffman. They moved to Bolivia 10 […]
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